Global opinions on Ki Society seminars 2003

I posted the following thoughts on the Brisbane Ki Society Kataoka
sensei seminar on the ki-info list to see if the seminar was
consistent with the global Ki Society experience. There have been a
number of excellent thought provoking responses. Many different
opinions on the subject of Ki training and it relationship to aikido
are presented.

If you would like to read some I recommend you follow this link

Hi All,
We were fortunate in Australia to have Kataoka sensei and Iwade
sensei from Ki Soc headquarters to teach a four day seminar over
Easter in Brisbane, Australia. This was Kataoka sensei's third visit
to Australia that I can remember and looked forward to by many.

After attending the full seminar I walked away a little
dissappointed, having not done much Aikido but plenty of Ki/Universal
mind instruction. As Australian Ki Society has had some upheavals in
recent times, its been nearly two years since we had an instructor
visit from Japan. I wondered if during this time there had been
something of a shift in Ki Soc's focus, or perhaps our Easter event
was a one off to get us wayward Aussies back on track?

Most of the seminar consisted of lectures and small discussion groups
on universal mind and Ki principles focusing on select topics. From
what I could tell these were drawn from the summary sheet of the 2002
world camp. The topics included Ki principles for aikido, breathing,
ORE, kiatsu, jo, bokken, etc... I was dissappointed that this didn't
leave much/any time for aikido during many of the classe, in fact for
most classes not a single ukemi was required.

Although Ki Soc. has always focused on Ki development, my impressions
from the seminar are that aikido is now very much a secondary
activity in our training and not martial arts.

Ki flames wars aside, my purpose in writing this post is ask the list
Are lectures/discussion group style seminars now frequent in KS
seminars globally?