Maruyama Sensei 2005 closing thanks

Closing thanks almost delivered at the end of the National Aikido Yuishinkai Seminar at Goshinkan dojo, Byron Bay, Australia by Danny James Sensei, Head Dojo Instructor, Griffith University.

To Maruyama Sensei

Its been a great pleasure this past week to experience 'Aikido without Boundaries' As aikido students it been a fantastic opportunity to have no boundary between us and a living source of aikido. Your freely given 'distillation of aikido', your patiently working with us, never tiring at our what must be 'silly questions'. We are delighted to be able to share in the evolution of your aikido brought and revealed to us in very practical ways, your explanation of Ki though exercises, Aikido and even a little science. Your efforts to cross and remove geographic, cultural, scientific and language boundaries to spread Aikido Yuishinkai provide us with inspiration and leadership by example are humbling.

To Michael Williams Sensei

We would like to thank our Chief Instructor for his creativity and efforts in the spread of Aikido Yuishinkai. For us in our own little dojos around the country its wonderful to come together and experience aikido without boundaries because of your efforts. Today we have a direct connection with the source both personally and organisationally, with wonderful resources at our disposal to continue our practice back home. Each year and in particular this seminar, through your efforts we are all able to come together without the boundaries of dojo, distance and aikido style to learn from sensei and each other.

We would like to thank you for your very practical efforts in organising and managing this national event. Today we feel much more connected with our fellow students with a richer experience and part of a greater vision of aikido because of this. Many of us have come out of the 'aikido wilderness' and have been made to feel welcome regardless of background for which we are grateful.

To Goshinkan Dojo

We would like to thank everyone at Goshinkan dojo for their efforts in hosting the seminar and the hospitality extended beyond the dojo. In addition to being able to have such a fantastic dojo to practice in, we have been fed, entertained, invited into homes and generally looked after.

Finally to all seminar participants thankyou for travelling such enormous distances to train in the spirit of cooperation and learning by leaving behind the boundaries of rank, dojo and style. We look forward to growing in our aikido together in the years to come.