Kenjiro Yoshigasaki

posted 26 Dec 2009, 02:20 by Unknown user
Kenjiro Yoshigasaki (b. 1951) heads the the "Ki no Kenkyukai Association Internationale". Born in Kagoshima, Japan he was a former student of Koichi Tohei. He was a member of Ki no Kenkyukai and was dispatched to Europe in 1977 to introduce Ki-Aikido and set up an organisation to connect the new dojos to the Ki no Kenkyukai. In 2003 Yoshigasaki  founded his own organisation, the "Ki no Kenkyukai Association Internationale". 
My personal experience of sensei is through a few seminars in the UK and practicing with his students. Technically train (as an engineer) and fluent in a few European languagues he has a unique perspective when communicating aikido to westerners, he is an unusual man and i enjoyed his insights immensly - though he does tend to polarise people. He also wrote a book ' Inner voyage of a stranger' which helped me understand better the conversations i had with him. I hope to write a review about the book soon. Some interesting articles about sensei are here

Yoshigasaki Sensei