Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal love him or hate him is the guy that made aikido famous in the movies. His early movies show very clear textbook aikido albeit it with a violent twist. And while Under Siege is his most well known A-list movie his early movies like 'above the law', 'marked for death' are considered among his best for aikido purists. His later films are somewhat autobiographical as he journeys through a variety of faith/ belief systems sometimes at the cost of action sequences ...sigh!!!.
Recently released in the US is a min series 'Lawman' which shows him working as a police officer for a few years in a reality TV show. Not sure if it will air in Oz but plenty on you tube?

His aiki credentials are very impressive and there is plenty of action on youtube from films and seminars he has taught at. He has many firsts in aikido for a westerner and legitimate aikikai hombu credentials, currently a 7th dan I think. A big man he does aikido few can replicate.

His public persona, work with law enforcement agencies and biography presented through fictional characters in movies leaves plenty of speculation about him, which is all good for a movie star I imagine. See his filmography and bio here

Recently (2010) he has been teaching aikido to a famous MMA competitor Anderson Silva (see video below)


Excerpt from Steven Seagal documentary Path beyond thought

Steven Seagal teaching

Steven Seagal teaching Anderson Silva

Hereis an article that followed this session