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Leon Jay (Dillman method of pressure-points)

posted 5 Jan 2010, 02:29 by Unknown user
At the same seminar as Wally Jay he introduced his son Leon Jay who was teaching the Dillman method of pressure point fighting (Kyusho). There is plenty of smoke and mirrors and controversy about pressure-point fighting: Can you really hit 3 20cent size targets in a second in different parts of the body in combat?  "If so maybe it will work" the protagonists argue. 
I did some research on the scientific basis for pressure points (unsatisfied with the meridian based or 5 elements based approachs) essentially researchers suggest it is a series of nerve attacks that trick the body into thinking it is undergoing major trauma and so send the body into shock.  Hey presto, the person goes unconscious or limbs collapse a little.
What was most interesting about the seminar for me was discovering that many of the pressure point sequences and attack points were built into Aikido kata and became an added bonus for the technique. Kaiten nage is not just a nice throw but you can buckle the knees and knock them out mid flight, nikyo becomes a sort of super nikyo when you press 2 points on uke's arm etc.... They make fun sneaky tricks on unsuspecting uke and a nice diversion from syllabus occasionally.

Leon Jay