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Wally Jay

posted 5 Jan 2010, 02:12 by Unknown user

I had the privilege of attending a Wally Jay seminar in the late 1990's in Brisbane. Wally Jay founded the small circle jujitsu art which had some success in international competition. What was most interesting for me was just how aiki-like it was - well, if you took out the nasty finishes and gratuitous atemi that is.  His principles to me read a lot like some of Tohei Sensei's principles.
I brought a copy of his first book with me... he signed it: "Pain makes best teacher"

His page is http://www.smallcirclejujitsu.com/
You can read his impressive biography there.

10 principles of small circle jujitsu
1. Balance
2. Mobility and Stability
3. Avoid the Head On Collision of Forces
4. Mental Resistance and Distraction
5. Focus to the Smallest Point Possible
6. Energy Transfer
7. Create a Base
8. Sticking Control and Sensitivity
9. Rotational Momentum
10. Transitional Flow
 - Exert Continual Pain During Transitions
 - Create Maximum Pain Without Dislocating Joint
 - Mobility During Transition Rather than Stability

Wally Jay in action