Aikido Australia

Aikido in Australia enjoys a rich and diverse practice, sometimes to a senior level. Because of our proximity to Japan (same time zone and only 8hrs away) a number of prominent Japanese teachers settled here  (well at least for a time) or made a commitment to visit regularly and established aikido dojo and later organisations. Many students have also sought out and developed their own direct relationships with Japan. With a high migration rate Australia has also  benefitted from overseas aikidoka coming to settle in Australia, bringing their connection to Japan with them (albeit through another countries shihan)

This has lead to some complications,  O'Sensei (or his son) historically sent out particular Shihan (master teachers) to different countries to head up aikido, however today many people, practicing under different shihan and organisations have set up in that country. So today in Australia we have many different schools all under the aikido umbrella practising in Australia legitimately where there was once only one. Of which the Aikikai (Ueshiba family organisation) is the largest, but its many branches are famous for not necessarily talking and reluctantly recognising one another

These pages (forthcoming) detail many of Australia Aikido organisations
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