Logan Aikido

A Logan aikido Ki society dojo opened in 1997 by Merv Hoole at the Logan PCYC. Here there was a permenant mat, though the space was much sought after by other arts and the gymnastics programme, when it wasn't available numerous other rooms and acro mats were available. through the hospitality of the jujitsu club i am able to attend a Wally Jay and Leon Jay (Dillman method of pressure-points seminar. A few year s later the dojo was passed to Tonia Jasper a few years later.

Under the constant pressure for space she approached Daniel James as the then Griffith Aikido head instructor and president and the the dojo came to be located at Griffith Universities Logan Campus. 

The dojo closed mid 2000's and members relocated to Capalaba Aikido Yuishinkai Onami Dojo as an interim measure and in 2010 to Logan Aikido Yuishinkai at Crestmead headed by Craig Ellis Sensei

Dojo that were

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