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Kenny Koala

recently the family and i went to Dreamworld for the day, its filled with lots o excitement and some very scary rides and is quite the assault on the senses

I mananged to catch up with Kenny Koala who is a prominent figure at Dreamworld and was anxious to find out more about what dreamworld might have to offer the budo community.

I was surprised to learn that Kenny himself is an accomplished martial artist, having first got involved at dreamworld through stunt work .

He explained like many dojo we feel it is important to offer a complete entertainment experience for visitors, it needs to be exciting and there must be the every present sense of danger while everyone knows that it is completely safe. We want people to come back so its important to change what we do regularly and move with the needs of the people. I think there is lots to learn from Kenny

skill acquisition

tiger woods aikido 100 shotsinto the dark

learning skills

professioal teams have sa specialists

implicit , explicit, handeling stress

dojo - place of the way

clothes - purification


2 sides of the csame coin - if you have one have the other if one side is underdeveloped the whole coin doesn't work.

all exercises are both for training in ukemi and in technique.

uke must stay joined and provide energy yet not not push or pull


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palm tree in mousori

aikido is kata

bunkai , hitori, weapons, futari

david browns bunkai

weapons bunkai

open hand bunkai

ryutai level technique

describe kotai, juntai

ryutai joining of what we have learnt as uke and nage to be able to perfrom. cease to apply aikido to uke and begin to allow aikido to happen through a combination of leading and following

significance of belt colors and stages of development

aikido and weapons