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Brisbane Aikijujutsu (?)

While in Brisbane there are no licensed instructors in the aiki jujitsu, within our dojo (Brisbane Aikido Republic) there is some experience with the art and it is practiced regularly as it informs well out Aikido practice. In our school the concepts of Daito Ryu are introduced by Maruyama sensei and his next generation student Okajima Sensei. Whom we have practicsed with in Japan and Australia. The lineage is through the Roppokai Aikijujitsu.
Aikijujitsu id the forerunner art to what became Aikido. It is principally the work of Sokaku Takeda. It is formally known as the Daitoryu Aikijujitsu.  
There is/was  was a study group in west End some years ago and at Tweed Heads there is someone from a Ryuha of the aikijujitsu.