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Ki Aikido Brisbane

In many respects Brisbane is the home to Ki Aikido Australia. Ki Aikido is the popular term given to aikido taught by Koichi Tohei Sensei and his Ki no Kenkyukai organisation. Ki no Kenkyukai means Ki research and with the organisation Ki Aikido or Shin shin toitsu aikdo (Ki with mind and body co-ordinated) is a part. Our school, Brisbane Aikido Republic instructors hold dan grades in this art. 

The origins of Ki Aikido as a generic term are formed from Tohei sensei's school giving rise to a number of new schools that practice Aikido with Ki, today a number of which are in Brisbane. 
These include 
  •  Aikido Yuishinkai (Koretoshi Maruyama) - our schools affiliation
  •  Kokikai (founder Shuji Maruyama)
  •  Ki Federation of Great Britain (founder Ken Williams), 
  •  Australian Aikido Ki Federation (Michael Stoopman) 
Of these schools Shuji Maruyama and Koretoshi Maruyama are students of the founder of aikido and Ken Williams (2nd generation through Tadashi Abe) and Michael Stoopman (3rd generation originally through Michael Williams, Ki Society now Aikido Yuishinkai).

Instructors in Brisbane Aikido Republic have studied in all of these organisations in Brisbane (and abroad including UK and Japan) and enjoy a close association with Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei. We believe that Ki has many aspects including the physical, mental and spiritual. We believe it can best be learnt through following the martial way of aikido with rigour and invite you to join us for practice.