South Brisbane Aikido Dojo

The Dutton park dojo opened shortly after the closure of the southbank dojo. Imagine an inner city location, set on a hilltop, overlooking the Brisbane river. Yes this was the dutton park dojo, located in a scout hall just next to where the green bridge was eventually built. The space even hosted Brisbane's first System group (run by one of our aikido students). While the mat area was on the smallish side it didn't stop people turning out in their droves of a wednesday evening and saturday morning. That was until one fateful day when edwin stepped off the verandah onto the stairs and went through them. It was then that we discovered the 1000 students in the dojo we didn't know about…termintes. Our landlords, the scouts said we could fix it at our own cost and that was that…d!oh

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South Brisbane Dojo

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