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A work in progress. Here are some ideas jotted down. They are meant to chronicle the arrival and practice of Aikido with Ki in Australia. Thus I hope to trace the lineages and development of Ki Society, Yuishinkai, Kokikai and the Ki Federation in Australia + any others that may surface before they become lost in time. It is the work of the author and contributors and thus may contain mistakes, omissions, and almost certainly personal biases etc. Corrections, contributions, constructive criticism and ideas are welcome and acknowledged.

As with any history its difficult to stay completely current and list every dojo, organisations do this much better than I can and with more authority. Listing of currently affiliated international Ki style dojo are maintained by their respective organisations [Aikido Yuishinkai, Ki Society International, Kokikai]

Ki Aikido Australia - A Short Chronology

Ki Society Australia 

Michael Williams moved to Australia in 1981, founding Aikido Ki Society Australia [TH] in late 81/ early 82 [SH] with 6 members and established his first dojo at Griffith University in Brisbane.

It was visited by the then International Chief Instructor of Ki Society, Maruyama Sensei in 1985.In 1985 he was appointed Chief Instructor of Australia by Koichi Tohei Sensei[MW]. Around this time it was officially recognised as a club by the University as well

Sam Adams opens City Hall dojo in late 1986/early 1987 on wrestling mats from the '82 Commonwealth games, retiring in 1991, dojo passed to Michael Conroy and then Matthew Smart in late 1990's, moves to St. pauls Terrace in Nov 2002, now at McDowall State School. 

In 1987 Wayne Murray-Driver opens Red Hill Ki Society training at Caxton Street Legal Services, relocating to Spring Hill dojo in 1988 with Maurice Trapp[MT], above a futon shop. North Queensland Ki Society officially formed in the late 1990 by Roby and Greta Kessler Sensei (operating from ~1986 [TH]), and over the years, after moving the dojo location to various hired halls, have permanent Dojos at Mossman, Cairns and Mareeba[RK]. Shizukana Dojo opened in Cabooluture PCYC 1989 and then Wamuaran by Patrick Pollini[Anon], this dojo was passed to Tony Deckers in about July 1995 eventually becoming Setsudo dojo[DR]

Early 1990's

In 1989, Williams relocated to Byron Bay in northern NSW where he built Goshinkan Dojo with Neil Ringa, whilst operating out of the Arts factory in the interium [TH]. It was officially opened by Master Koretoshi Maruyama, President of Ki Society International, in May 1991 [MW]. Griffth University dojo is passed to Michael Stoopman. March 16 1992, Thom Hansen opens Cleveland Dojo[TH] Wayne Murray-Driver retires from Aikido circa 1993, Spring Hill handed to Murray Loader, Steve Dows and John Hurley.[TH] Some dojos were formed in Sydeney by James McGlone in Gleeb, Wolloomaloo circa Dec 1998 and Hugh Cann in Newport, Andrew Sunter Jan 1999 in Crows Nest relocating to Camperdown (after a period of homelessness ) as Aikido Yuishinkai Sydney in Feb 2004 [AS]. In 2005-6 AS opens two more dojos in Sydney.

Logan dojo opens in 1997 at the PCYC by Merv Hoole, a senior student from Griffith dojo, passed to Tonia Jasper a few years later and moved to Griffith University, the dojo closed mid 2000's and members relocated to Capalaba Aikido Yuishinkai Onami Dojo as an interim measure and in 2010 to Logan Aikido Yuishinkai at Crestmead. Sandgate dojo, Brisbane was opened in December 1998 by Brad Wilkinson, a senior student of Spring hill dojo

Spring hill closes in early 2001 to be refurbished as inner city apartments forming two new dojos in the process:

John Hurley , formerly Spring Hill dojo opens Hill End dojo

Steve Dows, formerly Spring Hill dojo opens Coorparoo dojo closing in 2002 when he joins the Griffith Aikido Institute 

The Ki federation of Australia was formed by Chris Hall sensei in 1995 as a branch of the Ki Federation of Great Britian headed by Kenneth Williams. Dojos at Toombul, Bald Hills and Paddington. In October 2004 they affiliated with Aikido Yuishinkai[CH] except Adrian Smith at Paddington dojo who reaffiliated with the Ki Federation of Great Britian. 

Griffith University aikido club opens its own dojo in 2002, affiliating to Aikido Yuishinkai

In June 2000 a dojo opened in Newport Melbourne under the Ki Society (later to become Aikido Yuishinkai)

Aikido Yuishinkai emerges

William resigns from Ki Society International in January 2002 and Aikido Ki Society Australia. Roby Kessler is eventually appointed Ki Society Chief Instructor of Australia. Shinkondo dojo is formed by Stoopman, also forming the Australian Aikido Ki Society(AAKS), though it is unclear if this is internationally affiliated. 

Michael Williams awarded 9th Dan and appointed World Chief Instructor by the Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai, Master Koretoshi Maruyama, in October 2003. 

Janurary 2003, John Ward and Daniel James open South Bank dojo relocating to Nathan in 2005, later south brisbane dojo and Tonia Jasper opens Logan dojos of the Griffith Aikido Institute.

Bribie Island dojo open by Ray Eldridge in October 2004. Pullenvale dojo opened by Hansen in Dec 2004. Arana Hills dojo opened by Jimmy Smith. Capalaba AY dojo opend by Tony Neal and Darren Cowles in March 2005, Grafton Dojo by Mark Campbell all affiliating to Aikido Yuishionkai

. Bentleigh dojo an independant Ki style dojo in Melbourne also joins the group in 2005.

July '03 Seisin dojo, Brisbane opened by Adrian Xavier (formerly of Hill End) affiliated to Australian Aikido Ki Society

Hill End KS dojo relocates Augest 05 reopening at a former Coorparoo dojo location. March 2006, Catherine Schnell of Ryushinkan an independant dojo joins Aikido Yuishinkai.

Circa 2008 David Bardos, having moved from Phillipines a few years prior forms Aikido Yuishinkai in Wagga Wagga. 2010 Daniel James form Brisbane Aikido Republic

Aikido Kokikai 

Aikido Kokikai Australia is headed by Shuji Ozeki under the founder and President of Aikido Kokikai International, Shuji Maruyama Sensei. Maruyama Sensei comes to Australia to teach regularly. Michael Sinagra instigated the Peel, WA branches of Aikido Kokikai in 1994[*]. The national director is Allen Lu. Mike Sinagra learned directly under Maruyama Sensei in Japan, and all of the dojos in WA came from him (there are two at the moment I think). Shuji Ozeki founded UNSW, and all the other AKA dojos come from him, his students, his students' students, etc - Melbourne, Brisbane, Lismore, etc. [GD]


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