Aikido Brisbane

Besides our own aikido dojo Brisbane is fortunate to have over 20 other Aikido dojo in which to practice Aikido. Its a small community, those we highly recommend are listed on our aikido class times page, though we hope'll you'll give us a try first. Many a beginner we have referred on to a dojo that suits their location, skills and interests during our trial lessons

These pages list dojo we know of, many of which we have had occasion to practice in. If your not listed and want to be let us know. Reciprocal links are appreciated, lets keep Aikido open!

 There are many different styles that can cater to the individual's interest be it hard or soft Aikido, ki and philosophy focus, a pastime, a competitive sport, and interest in open-hand arts, security applications and traditional weapons (sword and staff). All dojo at some point have a link to the founder of Aikido: Morehei Ueshiba.

O-Sensei developed the art of Aikido and it changed as he changed from the martial forms of his pre-war Aiki-budo to the gentler, but ultimately no less effective, softer (ki-style)schools of Aikido later in life. His students took what they learned and formed Aikido schools and Aikido styles of their own - giving us the choice we have today.